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Judges put scandal of Pakistan’s toxic water under microscope
In August this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned the Pakistani authorities that 60 million people in the country were exposed to arsenic contamination, with Punjab and Sindh being the highest-risk areas. Arsenic levels in those provinces was at between 70 and 100 micrograms per liter, as against the WHO’s “safe level” of 10 micrograms.

Sindh Local Bodies
Several gaps undermine the ability of Sindh LG bodies to properly meet the technocratic aim of improving local services’ quality. Many key LG functions have been reassigned to the province in the 2013 system — eg, police, major local development activities and buildings control — compared with the 2002 system.

Urban Resource Centre (URC)
The Urban Resource Centre (URC) is a nonprofit organization with main focus to highlight the problems of the city through forums, research and documentation.

Currently, URC’s objectives are:
To identify and promote research and documentation on major issues in Karachi and to monitor developments and processes related to them. To create professionals and activists in the NGO/CBO and government sector who understand planning issues from the point of view of local communities, especially poor ones. Click here for more details.