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The poor communities across the city are facing increasing threats of evictions. Under the government policy most of settlements were regularized (notified for awarding land titles).  Through an extensive lobbying by the network of communities along with URC, the government has extended the cut of date for land titling from 23rd March 1985 to June 1997.  

Karachi Circular Railway  (KCR) – Concerns
The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) is arguably the most important project in the pipeline since it connects the four areas where over 45 percent of Karachi’s jobs are located with important low and middle income settlements.

Urban Resource Centre (URC)
The Urban Resource Centre (URC) is a nonprofit organization with main focus to highlight the problems of the city through forums, research and documentation.

Currently, URC’s objectives are:
To identify and promote research and documentation on major issues in Karachi and to monitor developments and processes related to them. To create professionals and activists in the NGO/CBO and government sector who understand planning issues from the point of view of local communities, especially poor ones. Click here for more details.