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As for Karachi, there is little such data and estimates available for future planning. By some accounts, around 100,000 scavengers collect glass, bones, plastic bottles and bags, paper and iron. The separated items are then sold to contractors who segregate the waste and transported it to the relevant recycling industry. :

Regardless of income, though, stepping into the street alone gives Pakistani women pause. A woman walking by herself draws stares, or worse. And Karachi is a city made for cars, not people, with sidewalks in poor shape and always dominated by men.................

Urban Resource Centre (URC)
The Urban Resource Centre (URC) is a nonprofit organization with main focus to highlight the problems of the city through forums, research and documentation.

Currently, URC’s objectives are:
To identify and promote research and documentation on major issues in Karachi and to monitor developments and processes related to them. To create professionals and activists in the NGO/CBO and government sector who understand planning issues from the point of view of local communities, especially poor ones. Click here for more details.