Karachi Metropolitan Corporation_URC

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Map created by the Urban Resource Center is a visual representation of the administrative boundaries and jurisdictional areas of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) in Pakistan. The map shows the different towns, union councils, and municipal wards within the KMC, as well as important landmarks and transportation routes. It is a useful tool for understanding the complex governance structure of Karachi and the different municipal services provided by the KMC in various areas of the city.

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  1. Mahnoor Shoaib says:

    All these maps are very useful, I’m an architect research student and would like to request a pdf or any other format (clearer file) of the following maps:

    -Karachi Metropolitan Corporation
    -District Karachi West
    -District Karachi South
    -District Karachi Malir
    -District Karachi Korangi
    -District Karachi East
    -District Karachi Central

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