Karachi All Districts Map_URC

The availability of Karachi’s all district map at the Urban Resource Center is an important resource for researchers, urban planners, and anyone interested in the city’s geography. This map provides detailed information about the city’s districts and their boundaries, which can help in understanding the social, economic, and demographic characteristics of different areas of the city. It can also assist in identifying areas with specific needs or problems that require attention from policymakers and urban planners. The Urban Resource Center’s provision of this map is a valuable contribution to promoting informed decision-making and effective urban planning in Karachi.

8 thoughts on “Karachi All Districts Map_URC”

  1. Muhammad Farid Uddin says:

    Provide very productive information.

    1. Thanks for visiting our website, stay tuned for more information about Karachi.

  2. Ali Zohair says:

    Will Be Helpful. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for visiting our website, stay connected

  3. Mahnoor says:

    What year was this updated in?

    1. This is all updated maps. Thanks for visiting our website, stay connected

  4. Zubair says:

    Its hard to understand what criteria was adopted for making boundaries of each district. But one can sense after seeing the map that there is something wrong with approach:
    The 2 biggest districts are those where provincial govt has strong vote bank.
    District “west” becomes central north infact.
    Why one district ( malir) is larger than the entire city!!
    What the “cantonments are doing in thd centre of the city.

    1. Aftab says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback, stay connected

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