3-Major Nullah of Karachi Map_URC

The 3-Major Nullahs of Karachi Map created by the Urban Resource Center is a visual representation of the three major nullahs (stormwater drains) in Karachi, Pakistan: Manzoor Colony Nullah, Orangi Nullah, and Gujjar Nullah. The map shows the alignment and catchment areas of each nullah, as well as the locations of major infrastructural developments and community facilities along their routes. The map is a useful tool for understanding the impact of urbanization and development on natural waterways in Karachi, as well as the potential risks posed by floods and other disasters in the city.

2 thoughts on “3-Major Nullah of Karachi Map_URC”

  1. Kamran Choudhri says:

    These Nullahs aka seasonal rivers becomes wet landscape in rainy seasons, back tracks them and akknthw ways these go deeper into gadap and malir and form Catchment areas, but sadly all heavy to encroachment and dumping of industrial urban waste both liquid and solid and unabated sand mining has already rendered these rivers devoid of ground water infiltration capacity, all the more needed to resolve and restoration into wet land urban forest

    1. Aftab says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback, stay connected

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