BUS FOR LYARI: The People’s Bus Service will hopefully bring some respite to the people awaiting decent transport for decades. I wonder, however, why the service is not available in Lyari or old city areas from where the labour class travels to other parts of the city for livelihood. Successive governments have ignored these areas and this discrimination must stop now. A new bus route, starting from Cheel Chowk and passing through Garden, National Stadium, Rashid Minhas Road and airport up to Landhi and Quaidabad, should be initiated immediately.

Muhammad Younus Baloch

UNDUE VIOLENCE: Ayaz Amir, a journalist-turned-politician, is a recent victim of the rising trend of high-handed violence in society. The term ‘unidentified’ has been rather draconian. Show of high-handedness in society has become common more than ever before in the last few years. It is time to ponder for one and all.


RELENTLESS DOWNPOUR: Karachi suffered badly in recent days as it rained rather heavily. The situation, as usual, became worse owing to clogged drainage channels. We must find a holistic solution involving drainage, housing and transport infrastructure. This may sound like a dream project, but if we join hands and decide to work together while keeping aside our political and other differences, we can together make Karachi an ideal city.

Tahir Jamali

BITTER IRONY: It is bitter irony that writers spend years putting their emotions and thoughts on blank pages to reform society, but then have to self-publish their work, and then distribute complementary copies among family and friends. The reading habit is all but dead, and the publishing industry focuses on textbooks to make profits. The government and civil society representatives must come together to create an atmosphere that may promote reading habits in society.

Nasir Soomro

Published in Dawn, July 18th, 2022

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