URC Releases Open Letter Regarding Demolitions in Mujahid Colony

KARACHI: The Urban Resource Center (URC) has released an open letter regarding the atrocities of the authorities who launched an anti-encroachment operation in Mujahid Colony.

It was disclosed in the letter how the authorities had misbehaved with the residents, evacuating their houses using tear gas and forceful means.

According to a URC official, Seema Liaqat, the authorities demolished the structures without any reason.

She added that no prior notice was issued to the residents, and no survey was conducted before launching the operation.

URC officials also shared that the residents were not even promised, written or verbally, any alternate residences.

Additionally, the residents had been residing in the Mujahid Colony ever since the partition, and had complete paperwork for their residences.

However, the enforcement departments dragged them out of their houses and even used tear gas, in which two children died, and several got injured.

The URC official also shared that the police manhandled women and took young girls to the Nazimabad Police stations when they protested.

In this regard, Former Deputy Speaker, Qasim Khan Suri, shared a video on his Twitter handle that seconds what URC official wrote in the letter.

As per the details, more than 600 buildings have been demolished, including 70-year-old settlements.

Seema Liaqat stressed that the authorities deal with the case on the basis of Human rights and put an end to the brutality of the police department.

Published in ProPakistani By Nazzir Zaidi 13 Dec 2023