Why are houses being demolished in Mujahid Colony? Thousands rendered homeless

Karachi: An anti-encroachment operation was launched in Mujahid Colony area in the Metropolis a few days back, during which dozens of houses were demolished, rendering numerous families homeless, leaving them with no option but come to the streets.

A team of MM News reached Mujahid Colony and tried to find out facts from the residents of the area. Local population told MM News that their settlement was rooted out and they were made homeless.

An elderly person said “75 years have passed since I started living in this area, these oppressors also destroyed my house, I am a poor man, what should I do, where should I go?”

He said the local population was subjected to the worst (tear gas) shelling shilling and even women and children were not spared from this brutality, as a result of which, people including minors were now lying on the road. “No one took care of us, we are lying only with the help of Allah,” the elder man said, adding that the locals now only wanted permission to put up some make-shift huts so as to find a refuge in the open.

A JUI-F leader said, “I want to ask, where were you guys at that time when KMC and DMC were giving them lease papers?” With the help of police, they (anti-encroachment) surrounded the entire area at 2 o’clock in the night and started running bulldozers over the residential area, breaking almost 95% of them.

Locals alleged that the entire anti-encroachment operation was being carried out on the orders of Dr Asim and a mafia, to clear way for his hospital. They alleged that what has been done to the locals of Mujahid Colony hasn’t even been witnessed to Palestinians and Kashmiris.

Published in MM News 04 Dec 2023