Karachi District Maps as per 2017 Census

As of the 2017 Census, Karachi District, located in the province of Sindh, Pakistan, is a sprawling and populous region known for its significance as the country’s economic hub. The district maps reveal a diverse landscape, encompassing a vibrant mix of urban and suburban areas, commercial centers, residential neighborhoods, and industrial zones. With a population that had surged over the years, the maps showcased the challenges of urban planning and resource management in the city. Despite its complexities, Karachi District remains an essential part of Pakistan’s social, cultural, and economic fabric, serving as a melting pot of diverse communities and a symbol of resilience amidst the bustling urban landscape.

1. District Karachi CentralFor Detail District Karachi Central Map Click Here:

2. District Karachi EastFor Detail District Karachi East Map Click Here:

3. District Karachi KorangiFor Detail District Karachi Korangi Map Click Here:

4. District Karachi MalirFor Detail District Karachi Malir Map Click Here:

5. District Karachi SouthFor Detail District Karachi South Map Click Here:

6. District Karachi WestFor Detail District Karachi West Map Click Here: