URC Activity Report July – December 2023

The Urban Resource Center (URC), an NGO with a primary focus on highlighting the problems of Karachi, has been actively engaged in addressing the pressing issues faced by the city over the past six months. Their recently released activity report provides valuable insights into the URC’s efforts and accomplishments during this period.

During the past six months, the URC has been at the forefront of advocating for positive change in Karachi. The activity report highlights their initiatives aimed at addressing key urban challenges, including infrastructure deficiencies, inadequate public services, environmental degradation, and social inequalities.

Furthermore, the activity report highlights the URC’s ongoing campaigns and awareness initiatives aimed at engaging the public in the process of change. These efforts have played a crucial role in fostering a sense of ownership among citizens and encouraging active participation in community development activities.

Overall, the Urban Resource Center’s activity report for the last six months showcases their dedication to addressing the problems faced by Karachi. Through their collaborative approach, evidence-based advocacy, and community engagement, the URC continues to work towards creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant urban environment for the residents of Karachi.