In order to address the reasons for Karachi’s flooding, its complexities must first be understood. Arif Hasan Published September 6, 2020 The record-breaking rains of August 27 resulted in a near-collapse of

It’ll flood again

“Water, water everywhere Nor any drop to drink” — Samuel Taylor Coleridge THE National Disaster Management Authority, the Sindh government, and Kara­chi’s local government institutions have widened the nullahs of

Karachi’s lost buses

IN an impressive ceremony last month, a new bus service was launched in Karachi to address the difficulties of commuters. Officials said the buses would ply on seven routes. Operations

Frere Hall gate

ARCHITECT Marvi Mazhar, through social media, informed the people of Karachi that a gate had been designed and was under construction for the Frere Hall Gardens. She also pointed out