Supporting Poor for Construction of Houses

URC with the support of SELAVIP has started a shelter program in Khipro Sanghar
district. The project is targeting to build 200 shelters for poor families. Last year (2019)
75 families received support to construct their houses.
The local community Desert and Rural Development (DARD) Organization is
implementing the project. In January 2020 the families were informed to start the
construction of their one room hut house in the remote villages of Khipro. So far
construction of 135 shelters have been completed. The construction work of all 200
shelters was completed at end of September 2020.
A community led approach was adopted for the implementation of the project. The
community activists and leader played a key role for the selection of families. The most
deserving homeless families were selected for the support. The criteria for selection of
families adopted includes:
i. Homeless families
ii. Deserving
iii. Prefer families with children and women
For the construction indigenous and local techniques and materials were allowed. The
community leaders explained design and construction details to each family. The
families were able to understand the construction process. The local trained masons
available within the community to help families in construction. After construction of first
few houses, the other families were able to follow and copy the construction process.
The project followed the following steps:

  1. Survey / Visit
  2. Selection of families for support by community activists
  3. Selection and preparing list of families
  4. Mobilization of the families to start construction work
  5. Provision roofing materials and erection of roofs
  6. Monitoring and completion reports

The process was smoothly followed with the collaboration of the communities. The
construction of 75 shelter houses was achieved within the targeted period.

Supporting Poor for Construction of Houses Project Pictures