Muhammad Younus

Directs over all functions, coordinates with national level organizations, donors, academic institutions and government departments.

Zahid Farooq

Senior Manager
Organizes programs, forum and meetings. Coordinates with local organizations government departments and media. Supervise field work, surveys and keeps an active contact with communities across the city

Rizwan Ul Haq

Senior Manager
Responsible for the documentation and publication unit. Helps field works and research studies.

Seema Liaquat

Senior Manager
In charge of research studies and field works. Also supports forums and desk works.

Noreen Riaz

Look after overall functions of account department, manage audits and other finance related activities

Shakeel Gil

Assistant Manager
Assist documentation, and publication unit. Also responsible for audio and visual collections.

Muhammad Jameel

Assistant Manager
Librarian, compilation and assistant in other activities.

Rana Sadiq

Community Activist
Networking with communities

Sidra Aslam

Supporting Staff
Assist to account department, manage audits and other finance related activities.

Muhammad Aftab

IT Assistant, Supporting Staff,
Assist to documentation and publication. Manage social accounts and website and also responsible for video editing activities.

Sikandar Ahmed

Driver, support staff for filed related activities.

Rao Nasir

Responsible for dusting, cleaning and kitchen activities. Also outdoor leg work such as photo copying, bank transition etc.